Thursday, May 26, 2016

Ultimate browser for s/penetration testers | mantra security toolkit 0.6.1

Mantra is a collection of free and open source tools integrated into a web browser, which can become handy for students, penetration testers, web appliion developers,security professionals etc. It is portable, rdy-to-run, compact and follows the true spirit of free and open source software.Mantra is lite, flexible, portable and user friendly with a nice graphical user interface. You can carry it in memory cards, flash drives, /s, etc. It can be run natively on Linux, and Mac platforms. It can also be installed on to your system within minutes. Mantra is absolutely free of cost and takes no time for you to set up.Project GoalsCrte an ecosystem for s based on browserTo bring the attention of security people to the potential of a browser based security platformProvide sy to use and portable platform for demonstrating common web based attacks( rd training )To associate with other security tools/products to make a better environment. Eg:It can be a nice addition to security distribution OSs like OWASP Live It can be used to solve basic levels of CTF contestsIt can associate with projects like DVWA to showcase attacksIt can bring functions like crawler, SQL injection scanner etc by installing extensions.

Download here :
For Here
For linux 32bit Here

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