Thursday, May 26, 2016

How to bypass s/blocked content on a webpage | Download your files without doing any ads.s

hello guys today i am writing a small trick to bypass s/ads/blocked content on a website. whenever, u goto any download link page we saw a message that content is blocked first complete our to download . and i know that is DAMM irritating.!!! so just follow these simple steps & say bye bye to s..:)

1.) See the screen shot below, which i am talking about

2.) now you have to do a very simple thing just right click on the page and click on View page source.

3.) now you must know the words of your file or u can see below words,just press ctrl+f srch your file name u will see the download link in the source .

4.) just click on the download link and have a happy downloading ...:)

thanxx for rding this trick, hope you liked it,,:)

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