Thursday, May 26, 2016

How to facebook,yahoo,gmail, accounts by hardware loggers [fully undetectable]

Hey guyzz..every body uses software loggers,but they are detected by antiviruses tough they have remote portability but , today i am going share some information about hardware loggers which are device that are attached to CPU plugs nd it is completely undetectable for a victim so let us discuss about Hardware loggers.

Asoftwarelogger(or simple logger) is a stlthcomputerprogram that captures every troke entered through theboard.

Now I’ll tell youwhat ahardwareloggerisand how it can be used foranemails.

Hardwareloggersare used for troke logging, a method of capturing andrecordingcomputeruser trokes. They plug in between acomputer boardand acomputerand log allboardactivity to an internal memory. They are designed to work withPS/2 boards,USB boardsand more recently withWIFI boards. Ahardwareloggerapprs simply as aUSB pendrive(thumbdrive) or any other computer peripheralso that the victims can never doubt that it is alogger. So by looking at its apprence it is not possibleto identify it as alogger. Here are some of the s of hardwareloggersfor your convenience.

So by looking at the above we came to know that hardwareloggerslook just like anyUSB,PS/2orWIFIdevice. So it is very hard to identify it as alogger.

Installing a Hardwareloggerto the Email : -
The hardwareloggermust be installed between theboardplug and theUSB,PS/2orWIFIport socket. That is you have to just plug in theloggerto your board’s plug (PS/2, USB or WIFI) and then plug it to the PC socket. The following shows how theloggeris installed.

Advantages of Hardwarelogger: -·As a user's technical knowledge incrses and wknesses insoftwarebecome well known,softwareloggerbecome less effective. But in hardwareloggervictim never doubt becoz itscomputer peripheral.
·Softwareloggersis always detected byantivirusbut its not happen in hardwarelogger.
·sy to install in a few seconds! Simply plug it in.
·It records every troke, even those typed in the critical period betweencomputerswitch on and theoperating systembeing loaded.
·No software installation is necessary to record or retrieve trokes.
·Hardwarelogger works withany Pc, operating system, and stores a continuous log even across multiple operating systems on one computer.
·Impossible to detect and/or disable by using software scanners.
·It is a very user-friendlyloggerwhich can be sily used even by those with little computer knowledge. It has a very simple operation for such a powerful tool. Simply plug the logger device into the board cable.
·The log in the Ghost cannot be tampered with. It is an authentic record of what was typed, and therefore, it may be used as strong evidence in a court of law.
so guyzz if you like these hardware loggers then you have to spent some money...:P:P:P

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