Thursday, May 26, 2016

your friends facebook status: [Sms spoofing trick]

Previously i discussed about how to send mesgs through your frnds or any mobile no. ie sms spoofing.

now we wil missuse the facebooks fture of updating status through message spoofing.
this is a very awesome tricks to fool your friends that your his account lolzz.

first Rd this POST after subscribing to SMS global.
2.The First Textbox is for Receiver’s . Just insert the which is used to updatethe status orcommentonFacebookthrough mobile. This is Country specific.

For e.g : In India, its 919232232665.
The 91 is the Country and the remaing 9232232665 is the rl .
So just write your Country specific Facebook for facebook mobile.

3.The Second Textbox is for Sender’s . Just write the Mobile of the Victim who have ActivatedFacebook Mobile.
For e.g : Here its, 911234567890. Again, the 91 is for Country and the remaining is the Victim’s 10 digit Mobile .4.Lve the Message Template option as it is.5.Write the Message you want to write inthe Statusof Victim’s Profile. Sometimes, it may take around a minute or 2, so just wait and watch.
NOTE CERTAIN THINGS in SMS spoofing:1.The Sender’s (Facebook Mobile) and the Receiver’s (Victim’s ), should be Precedded by the Country and then the .
2.WWW.SMSGLOBAL.COMallows only 25 SMS per. So, as long as you have more Mobile to receive on it, You can keep trying.3.This Trick requires the Victim to have Facebook activated on Mobile (Facebook via Mobile). If the Victim has not activated it, the Method is of no use !!

Check for the ‘Info’ Option in Profile of the Person you want to victimize. If the ‘Info’ contains the Phone , the Chances are high that he/she may have activated theFacebook Mobile. So, JustTryYour Luck !!!Or
Just Paste the Following Link in your Address bar to find out mobile sof all the Freiends in your List !!!

hope you like this trick...thnxzz for rding & do comment .....:)

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