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What are Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

Hey guyzz today i m providing you a brief information about SSL , as they are modern mns of securing your data tranferring from server to USER hope u like it.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is the most widely used technology for providing a secure communiion between the web client and the web server. Most of us are familiar with many sites such asGmail, Yahooetc. usinghttpsprotocol in their login pages. When we see this, we may wonder what’s the difference between http and https. In simple wordsHTTPprotocol is used for standard communiion between the Web server and the client.HTTPSis used for aSECUREcommuniion.

What exactly is Secure Communiion ?

Suppose there exists two communiion partiesA(client) andB(server).

Working of HTTP

When A sends a message to B, the message is sent as a plain text in an unencrypted manner. This is acceptable in normal situations where the messages exchanged are not confidential. But imagine a situation whereAsends atoB. In this case, the is also sent as a plain text. This has a serious security problem because, if an intruder()can gain unauthorised access to the ongoing communiion between A and B , he can see theSsince they remain unencrypted. This scenario is illustrated using the following figure

Now lets see the working of HTTPS

When A sends a(say “mypass“) to B, the message is sent in an encrypted format. The encrypted message is decrypted on B‘s side. So even if the gains an unauthorised access to the ongoing communiion between A and B he gets only the encrypted (“xz54p6kd“) and not the original . This is shown below

How is HTTPS implemented ?
HTTPSis implemented usingSecure Sockets Layer (SSL). A website can implementHTTPSby purchasing anSSL Certifie.Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)technology protects
a Web site and makes it sy for the Web site visitors to trust it. It has the following uses
1.An SSL Certifie enables encryption of sensitive information during online SSL Certifie contains unique, authentied information about the certifie owner.3.A Certifie Authority verifies the identity of the certifie owner when it is issued.
How Encryption Works ?

ch SSL Certifie consists of aPublic and a Private . The public is used to encrypt the information and the private is used to decrypt it. When your browser connects to a secure domain, the server sends a Public to the browser to perform the encryption. The public is made available to every one but the private (used for decryption) is kept secret. So during a secure communiion, the browser encrypts the message using thepublic and sends it to the server. The message is decrypted on the server side using thePrivate (Secret ).
How to identify a Secure Connection ?

In Internet Explorer, you will see alock iconin the Security Status bar. The Security Status bar is loed on the right side of the Address bar. You can click the lock to view the identity of the website.

In high-security browsers, the authentied organization name is prominently displayed and the address bar turnsGREENwhen an Extended SSLCertifie is detected. If the information does not match or the certifie has expired, the browser displays an error message or warning and the status bar may turnRED.

So the bottom line is, whenever you perform an online transaction such asCredit card payment,Bank loginorEmail loginalways ensure that you have a secure communiion. A secure communiion

Due to SSl certifies the chances of phishing,session hijackingattacks are reduced because phishing attack cant be carried on https.

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