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Van Helsing 2: Dth Defying / The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing 2

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Van Helsing 2: Dth Defying / The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing 2

Description Game

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II is a & slash PC directly follows Van Helsing I. So find the famous vampire hunter still with the ghostly Lady Katarina, now struggling against eral Harker and his troops. Choose your class from the three available: hunter, miracle worker and mécarcaniste and go on the attack!


Relse yr : 2014
re : RPG
Developer : NeocoreGames
Publisher : NeocoreGames
Platform : PC
Publiion Type : Digital (Stm-Rip)
Language : RUS | ENG | MULTi8
Voice set Language : ENG
Tablet : Is present (3DMGAME Stm Emu)

system requirements

✔ Operating system : XP, Vista, 7, 8
✔ Processor : Dual Core CPU 2.0 GHz
✔ Memory : 2 GB RAM
✔ Card : Nvidia 8800 GT, HD4000 or AMD HD3850
✔ Sound Card : DirectX 9.0c compatible
✔ Free hard drive space : 23 GB


Game Van Helsing 2: Dth Defying (The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II) - it is not just a collection of a dozen new maps and monsters, but the continuation of the present, preserve the best of the first game. Also small improvements and dodelok, it also acquired a of new ftures. And yet ... It's not rlly a fture, but if you like a lively dialogues, cheeky humor and "ster eggs" of the first game, you'll be happy to hr that in the continuation of this even more.


Three classes - in the continuation of the dark gothic adventure gamers are three different classes: Hunter - Hunter with shooting skills and unarmed combat, wielding magic magician Thaumaturge and Arcane Mechanic - master murderous devices. As usual, good, bad and ugly.
Extended mini-game tower defense - enemies attack in waves, and players have the opportunity to defend Hunter's Lair - lair of the hunter and other strategic loions using the installed traps and improve the function of some blocking enemies. Improved gameplay mechanics and ftures seven levels of optional side quests.
Management of resistance - as the lders of the Resistance Borgovii players will take the mikromendzhmentom allied troops, better equipment Resistance fighters and finding loot that will make them even stronger.
Lair of the Hunter (Hunter's Lair) - den returned to the game as an idl refuge for players where they can hide the collected loot to trade with NPCs move between loions, constructed new items, use the alchemist and accept new assignments from allies who come in resistance against scientific disaster.
Expanding and improving skills - allows players to charge up to three modifiers skills - power-ups (Power Ups) - eight active skills with eyeglasses anger (Rage points).

Multiplayer - PvP-mode supporting up to eight players and cooperative campaign for four .

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II

- Version of the game v 1.1.04s Hotfix 5 (from 30/10/14)

- Ink Hunt

- Pre-Purchase Expurgator Set

- Pig
+ For pirates
- Magic Pack
- Rare Pack
- Epic Pack
- Ledary Pack
Stm ID: 272470;

Stm-Rip is identical activated via Stm d copy of the game.


1. Download the distribution
2. Select the version of the installation ( or stm)
3. Set the distribution game
4. Play!
The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing 2 Gameplay (PC HD)

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