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[TUTORIAL] Getting Started With SEO

Well this is the post for the guys who are starting with SEO.
What this guide will include?
- Free SEO tools you can use.
- Link building method(off-page SEO).
- eral List of websites that you should use for link building.
- Tips and Tricks.
Alright lets get started.
word resrch:First of all you have to select a niche to get started. Games and h@cks are popular and can make you good amount of money. Most newbs start with it and I don’t think of a rson that you cannot.
But these niches are just for startup cash(atlst i used them for startup cash) since they do not require any expertise and are sy to figure out. You can make a rl good amount of money using youtube and h@cks niches and use that money to invest in SEO, tools and then automate the process for much faster results.
Free tools you can use:
- Google word Planner
These tools are free but trust me, they are better than many paid soft available in the market. I am not entering into details of using them. Its pretty straight forward to use.
If you want to use any paid tool, I would suggest market samurai and long tail pro. Use LTP to find long tail words and then use market samurai to know the SEO competition. If the first page of google is not dominated by high PR links, you have found a good niche.
Hosting and Domain:Now if you are starting with SEO, you should have a Domain and hosting. Free hosting is not effective since page-load time is one of the factors that google considers to rank your websites. And with free hosting, you cannot expect 100% uptime and they are slow as hell. This will hurt your rankings.
Most of the guys starting up usually do not have the money to buy it. If you can buy it, good for you(incrses CR). If not, just register a blogger account and SEO it.
SEOing a blog is too sy and since blogger is owned by google, it has an added advantage to get ranked even with crappy backlink profile.
Although hosting and domain do not cost much imo. You can find 1$ godaddy/namec coupons sily. And 2-3$ per month hosting from hostwinds.
Once you decided what you want to go with, Just register the domain/blog depending on your word. I prefer EMD(Exact match domain). Sometimes google aorithm favors EMD.
You can even start with SEOing a youtube . I highly recommend starting with a youtube . Why? Because it is sy as hell. You can spam all day and rank in 1 or 2 days for any word. This would help you gain the startup cash for your future ventures.
Free Alternatives:
- [my preference]
-[free hosting]
-[free .tk domains]
You can hosting only for $1. Use my special coupon ‘capricious01′ during checkout.
SEOHere comes the main part. Now that we have our site rdy we will start with SEO here. There are two types of SEO.
1) On-page SEO
2) Off-page SEO
On-page SEOJust write shit load of content on your website. Do not ever copy paste the content since google will penalize your website. Do not even use automated contents for your website since its not 100% rdable. Try to write yourself or outsource it from a reliable article writer.
While writing keep following steps in mind:
- Atlst 500 word article
- word density ~ 3%
- Do not spam your words, try to make sense.
- Insert relevant with alt tags.
- Use words in h1, h2, h3 tags
- words in 1st and last para of your article.
- Use meta tags.
Free alernatives:
For the ones using paid hosting or even free hosting like 000webhost, just use wordpress as your CMS and install wordpress SEO by yoast. Its a grt plugin to check your on-page SEO.
I have a paid version for free version of SEOpressor that I will be sharing on the forum soon. Stay tuned.
After you complete your website, submit it in google and alexa. Also submit it to different srch engines like yahoo, bing etc
We are done with on-page SEO here.
Off-page SEOOf-page SEO includes many thinngs but since we are just starting with SEO, I will only cover the BACKLINKing part.
Most of you now know what a backlink is. A link that points back to your website. Although if you don’t, plse look at the bottom of the post where I have explained it.
Not every link carries the same potential to incrse your websites rank on google.
Only 1 liink from an authority website can rank you #1 on medium competitive words. By authority websites I mn websites like wikipedia, CNN etc.
Just remember Quality >> Quantity here.
We cannot get links from such authority websites since we are using fake niches. Even if we could get it, it would cost anywhere between 500-1000$(or even more) to get links from such authority websites.
But good thing is, if we cannot get it for our niches, nobody can That mns you can sily rank your website in google even with QUALITY spam.
Now we can either automate this process or we can do it manually. People usually call manual link building as Whitehat SEO and automated link building as Blackhat SEO.
Well, for starting out, you can start with whitehat SEO since automation requires a lot of money.
We will be doing 2 tier link building as our SEO strategy. Lets start then.
Tier 1What I do is, get some articles for my campaign. I usually automate it using article spinners. But you can write it on your own and spin it using free spinners available. Uniqueness is the here rather than rdibility. You only need articles with over 90% uniqueness. Automating this process would make life sier. I use TheBestSpinner if anyone wants to know.
Crting WEB 2.0s:
I usually crte 10-15 WEB 2.0s for my website. What I do is, crte the profile on different web 2.0s and add 2-3 unique articles to it. I do not add the backlink directly. Only add link after 2-3 days to make it look less suspicious. I also add relevant s and s to the articles. Trt these web 2.0s as your original websites.
Social Bookmarks:
I share my website along with a unique description to different social bookmarking sites. These links play a huge role in ranking your websites. I rank my youtube s only by social bookmark links.
Article Directories:
Submit your article to article directories. pretty straightforward. Add 1 or 2 random links in your article.
Social Signals
Now we will be needing atlst 20 facebook likes, 20 twitter tweets, 20 pintrest pins, 20 stumble upon submits to our site.
Tier 2(I would be automating this tier. If you do not have these tools, you can purchase the services for rlly c.)
This tier is just to provide authority to your backlinks.
Some Of The Tools Which I Will Be Using Are Below:-
• Scrapebox
What I do is take all the links I make and crte a campaign in GSA. It makes me backlinks 24*7 while I can make more links in tier 1.
That’s it. After 1 or 2 months, usually less, I see my website ranking for many different words.
Here is the list I erally use for my link building plan.
High PR Web 2.0 List:
High PR Social bookmarking List
Doc Share Sites
List of free tools that you can use here.
For Rank tracking:
For word Resrch:
- Market Samurai [Free trial available or srch in site]
- Traffic Travis [Free trial available or srch in site]
Free backlink indexing:
PageRank C:
- SEOQuake [chrome plugin]
100% free SEO tools website that can be rlly effective:
I only didin’t understand part about backlinks.What is tier 1 and tier 2?
How do you use your backlinks?Can you plse explain this to me.
Do you just make 15 long post relate to your niche and then post it on some websites,and then just make as many spam comments that link to your long posts,or how?
Tier link building is a method that you use in backlinking. Now what are these tiers?
Tiers 1 mns the links where you place a backlink directly to your website. Since this is the link which is directing to your website, you need to make it HQ.
To support this Tier 1, you backlink these with another layer of backlinks that is Tier 2. I will explain this.
Consider this: you make a web 2.0 (backlink) directly to your website and make only 1 post. Don’t you think google is too smart to be fooled like that? Writing a post with a link back to your website, lving it to die, is the first footprint that you lve for google to penalize your website.
Also, this web 2.0 is newly made. Do you think it will have the same authority like wikipedia? No, it wont.
You have to make backlinks to your web 2.0s and whatever link you make in tier 1. So that google gives your tier 1 some authority which will pass to your website.
Have a look at this picture to get a clr view:

Rd more:

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