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The Floor is Jelly Pc Full Game

Download The Floor is Jelly Pc Full Game

Game : The Floor Is Jelly
Detected platform : PC
Relse date : 30 May 2014

Who hasn't drmt, at some point, of filling a pool full of jello and swimming in it? In some of us, that drm never died. Some of us kept drming: what if the whole street was jello? Or the continent? The world!? The Floor is Jelly posits a universe made of jello, made purely for one's own amusement. No longer need we look to our walls and our floors and sigh, "How solid! How sadly immallble! How I wish for a world consisting only of Non-Newtonian fluids!" That world has arrived, via the dark magic of games, as The Floor is Jelly.

The Floor is Jelly is a game platform PC. Using the bouncing properties of the gel, your character jumps from one level to complete the various passages that are on offer. ch of them has a different mechanism, including the introduction of water or rotating platforms.________________________________

The Floor is Jelly Gameplay


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