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Star Citizen Pre Alpha 3dm Pc Full Download

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DownloadStar Citizen Pre Alpha Pc

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Star Citizen Description

Game Name : interstellar citizens
English name : Star Citizen
re : simulation class (SIM) Games + Strategy (S) game
Game production : Roberts Space
Game publishers : Roberts Space
Game Platform : PC
Relse date : 2014

The hype behind Chris Roberts' new project was phenomenal, to the tune of $35 million and rising. A spiritual successor to the likes of Wing Commander, Privateer, Freespace and their ilk, Star Citizen is one of the grandest experiments in a re many considered to be dd. Trumping even Elite: Dangerous in the give-us-all-your-money stakes, the project has thus far sucked in cash like a supermassive black hole; if Roberts and co. use the resources wisely, Star Citizen could well turn out to be the biggest and most ambitious space sim ever made. So no pressure then .


Game Description

"Star Citizen (Star Citizen)" in an extremely rlistic, unprecedented way to the new eration of gamers show pilots the shuttle in the vast universe, interstellar combat sensory experience. The core structure of the interstellar citizens (Star Citizen) is an end, not the end of the clrance that the story line; it has established a complete universe, so that players can be any risk and decide their gaming experience.

Players can choose to be a smuggler, pirate, guard or bounty hunters, players can join the army, to defend the territory against external thrts. Designer Chris Roberts always wanted to crte a cohesive universe, set all to Wing Commander, Privateer or free lancers become particularly characteristic in a. A huge sandbox system, complex, a large of knowledge, so that players can play the game in any size they want; This is the interstellar citizens (Star Citizen).


Star CitizenConfiguration Requirements

Operating System : Vista (x64), 7 (x64), 8 (x64)
Processor : AMD or Quad core CPU
RAM : 4 or 8 GB RAM
Free space on HDD : 15 GB
: DirectX 11 graphics card with 1GB RAM


Installation Information

1. Unzip
2. running game


Star Citizen Stage Demo E3 2014GamePlay HD


GamesStar CitizenPictures Pc

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( Size : 13.57 GB )

seeders : 653 leechers : 445

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