Thursday, May 26, 2016

Sql injections vulnerability scanner | Sql poizon : Sql scanner v 1.1

hey guyzz. today i am giving you a very effective Sql injection vulnerability scanner through which you can sily find sql injection vulnerable websites to . this tool save our time by testing websites manually so download this tool nd scan Mass no. of website very fastly according to your Dorks.

Follow these simple steps :

1. download the Sql poison Tool from Here [rar : h4ckerzvilla]

2. extract it from archieve

3. open Sql poison ,csee left hand side there is a huge list of dorks, select any one you can see it in screen shot.

4. press on play button it will scan websites

5. now right click on scanned websites, select all & move them to sqli crawler .

6.last step press crawl button nd it will give the website with a red marker that shows the website has rows or column error & is vul to sqli.

7. u can lso apply sql injection by sending the url to injection builder.

thancu guyzz fr rding my article ..pls comment if got any query. hope you liked it.

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