Thursday, May 26, 2016

Send Free international text messages (SMS) from your smartphone | using App JaxtrSMS

Jaxtr, a company now owned by Sabse technologies' Sabir Bhatia, has the reputation of coming up with crtive ids for Voip services. They introduced friend connect where you can connect with anyone in Jaxtr supported countries by dialing local access s on both ends. They are back with an equally crtive service. They are offeringfree international text(SMS) messaging. You cansend a text to anyone at their cell phoneeven if they do not have jaxtr appliion on their phone. This is a game changer as texting is an expensive affair even though it is highly seeked by everyone.
Jaxtr Free text messaging service
With Jaxtr's free text messaging service you can:Send free text messages to any domestic or international cell phoneReceiver need not be a Jaxtr userSend messages from your own phone Send messages using wi-fi or 3GReceive messages for free (rd the trick at the end)
Step by step tutorial on how to use JaxtrSMS
Download the appliionfrom your platform's support. Use following links to download the appropriate appliion.
Follow the on screen instructions as shown in the s below. These screenshots are for iphone but it is almost similar for other appliions.

After you have downloaded the appliion you will be asked if you want push notifiions. Push notifiions are grt since in this case you will see a message popping up on your screen to tell you that you received a message. Next step is to register with Jaxtr. Remember that you need to get a text to verify and activate this .

Once you provide all the information and register it will provide you with an option to get a verifiion link, SMS, or call. Plse note that if you use your Google Voice you might not get the verifiion text, in that case try a verifiion call and you shall be fine.

We chose to test it with verifiion call and instantly we received a call where we could enter the JaxtrSMS alert and we were all set to send free international text messages.

If you want to use your contacts from your address book make sure you have their full including country stored in your address book.These SMS messages are ad supported. There will be a little ad that will be appended to ch message. This is how they are supporting this free service.There are a few users reporting issues with push notifiions. Plse let us know what is your experience with this service.Your contact can reply to your text but that reply will be delivered to your phone on Jaxtr - not on the regular inbox. If you are offline this message will never show up in your inbox until you go online next. Hopefully the developers will fix it soon.Receive messages for free

With JaxtrSMS you can also receive text messages for free. If your cell phone service provider does not offer free incoming text it is difficult for you to receive a text using JaxtrSMS as it will cost you for every text that you receive. We have found a trick to get away with that.

In order to send and receive text for free using Jaxtr instd of registering with your own , register with a Google Voice . Whenever, your contact will reply to your message it will be free as Google Voice still is free. However, if your contact downloads the appliion and replies from within it the message will show up in your JaxtrSMS inbox as a conversation.

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