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Quick Hl Total Security 2011 + [With Installation Steps]

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The powerful virus detection engine of Quick Hl Total Security scans and removes viruses, worms, trojans and many other thrts that may try to snk into your system through removable drives, email attachments and Internet downloads.

Spyware is malicious software that is installed on the system without the user’s knowledge to gather personal information of the user and to monitor the critical information such as user name, s, bank account details, credit card details etc. The AntiSpyware fture blocks spy before they get installed on your PC. It also protects your privacy by detecting and clning spy, and blocking their activities of identity theft automatically.

A new advanced malware scanning engine scans registry, files and folders at lightning speed to thoroughly detect and cln Spy, Ad, Rogue, Dialers, Risk and lots of other potential thrts in your system.

Detects and clns rootkits proactively by doing deep system scan. Scans running processes, registry and file system for any suspicious rootkit activity that is kept hidden in the system
Mal that sprd by ing the autorun fture of removable devices are on the rise, and USB drives (memory stick, flash drive, portable hard drive) have now become carriers of autorun mal. USB Drive Protection safeguards your system against such mal by disabling the autorun fture.

Browsing Protection
The Browsing Protection fture protects your computer from thrts occurring through malicious websites.

Self Protection
Self Protection fture protects Quick Hl files, folders, configurations and registry entries against malicious activities, and also from getting tampered.

Entertainment Mode
Suppresses prompts across all Quick Hl modules and reduces system load which makes activities like playing games, watching or presentations uninterrupted without compromising the security of the computer.Anti-Phishing
Automatically scans all accessed web pages for fraudulent activity protecting you against any phishing attack as you surf the internet. Prevents identity theft by blocking phishing websites. So you can shop online, use Internet banking and surf the websites safely.

Blocks spam mails, phishing attack mails, junk mails and porn mails before they rch your inbox.

Firewall Protection
Firewall Protection fture works silently in the background and monitors network activity for malicious behavior to ensure their elimination before the mal can rch the system. The method of detecting malicious network activity is done by Intrusion Detection System and the method of preventing malicious network activity is done by Intrusion Prevention System.

Parental Control
Parental Control is a new fture in Quick Hl that lets parents control the Internet activity for their children. It provides ftures that can restrict egories of websites or user-specified websites. It also allows parents to schedule Internet access for their children.

PC2Mobile Scan
Virus attack is not just limited to PCs or Notebooks. In the fast paced mobile world, where people access the Internet using their mobile , virus attack on mobile is now another outlet for cyber criminals to sprd malicious programs. Quick Hl Total Security provides the PC2Mobile Scan fture where you can scan, detect and delete mal, viruses and spy from your mobile .PC2Mobile Scan supports following mobile :
iPhone, , BlackBerry, E-Ten, E-Volve, , , Mivvy, , , Panasonic, , Segam, Sharp, , , ZTC, , I-Mate, , O2 and all the Mobile .

Data Theft Protection
Data Theft Protection prevents unauthorized copy of confidential or sensitive data from your PC. It blocks access to pen drive/ writer or other USB storage devices from your PC. Using this fture, neither the system’s data can be copied to the removable drives nor the data from outside (removable drives) be copied to your system.Click on the below links to downloadQuick Hl Total Security 2011and the supporting files necessarily required for full .
Don’t worry about the big download links below. The links below are resumable.(if your internet connection brks at any point while downloading the files., again try to download the same file, it will resume from the last stage..)

Download Quick Hl Total Security 2011(32 Bit)Download Quick Hl Total Security 2011 Download Quick Hl Update ManagerDownload Quick Hl First Update Files 22.06.2011(546 MB in 12 Parts)Update File Part 001Update File Part 002Update File Part 003Update File Part 004Update File Part 005Update File Part 006Update File Part 007Update File Part 008Update File Part 009Update File Part 010Update File Part 011Update File Part 012The above files are splitted usingHJ Splitfor sy sharing.
ToRejointhe splitted files you needHJ SplitProgram.
DownloadHJ Splitfromhere.Rejointhe splitted files withHJ Split.For this do the following steps:

Crte 2 folders‘Splitted Update Files’and ‘Joined Update Files’.
Copy all the downloaded update files toSplitted Update Filesfolder.
OpenHJ SplitProgram and click on Join button.
Select theInputandOutputfile loions.(Input file loion= Splitted Update Files:Output file loion= Joined Update Files)
Click onStartbutton.
Then you will get a compressed file named ‘Update 22.06.2011’in theJoined Update Files folder.

Extractthe compressed file and u will get a folder(Update 22.06.2011)and keep it for later .
Quick Hl Total Security 2011 Installation and Steps.#1. Install “Quick Hl Total Security 2011 (32bit)“.
#2. Go to Settingsand Turn off theSelf Protectionof Quick Hl Total Security.

#3. Extract the compressed files to a folder and you will get5 files.
(infori.dll,scanabt.dll,SCANNER.exe, SCANRES.DLLandPCTRES.DLL)

#4.Restart the PC in SAFEMODE and Go to the Quick Hl Installation Folder:
i.e.:“C:/program files/Quick Hl/Quick Hl Total Security”
#5. Copy thefour (infori.dll, scanabt.dll, SCANRES.DLL and SCANNER.exe)and pastethem to the above mentioned installation folder.
#6. Copy the 5th (PCTRES.DLL)to the following folder also.“C:\Program Files\Quick Hl\Quick Hl Total Security\PCTUNER”
Note:The latest Virus Definition Update Files (from 02.06.2011) of Quick Hl is programmed todelete the above three and shown as Trojan. But the rlly arenot Trojans. To restrict the deletion of the above firstly make an exclusion entryto those . For this do the following…
A. Go ToFiles&FoldersSection.

B. SelectExclude Files & Folders.
C. Click onAddbutton.
D. Add the 3 files(infori.dll, scanabt.dll and SCANNER.exe)to the exclusion list.

E. Click onSave Changesbutton.

Now the 3 files are excluded from detection.
#7.InstallQuick Hl Update Manager.
After Installation LaunchQuick Hl Update Managerand click on update now and it will automatically crte a folder as following:C:\Program Files\Quick Hl\Update Manager 4.55\update\1200
#8.Stop the updats it will take lot of time.
#9. Go tothe following folder and delete all the files.C:\Program Files\Quick Hl\Update Manager 4.55\update\1200
#10.Copy all the update files from the‘Update 22.06.2011’folder to the above loion.
#11. Go toConfigurationinUpdate Managerand tick onlyQuick Hl Total security 32bitand set the update filesdownload path as following;C:\Program Files\Quick Hl\Update Manager 4.55\update

12.Go to Quick Hl Total SecuritySettingsand click onAutomatic Update-Select“Pick update files from specific path”option click browse and set path to QH Update Manger download path as following:C:\Program Files\Quick Hl\Update Manager 4.55\update\1200

#13. Then click onSave Changesbutton.
#14.Switch Onthe Self Protection Of Quick Hl.
#15. Go ToHelp_About_Update Nowto update the new update files.The Update Manager will later downloadthe latest updates automatically and save everyday to the above folder. Quick Hl Total Security will download updates automatically not from Quick Hl server but from the given folder.
You are Done….! Now you canEnjoy Quick Hl Total Security 2011for Lifetime without any limitations.Enjoy the Full Version…!!!!

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