Thursday, May 26, 2016

PuTTY v.0.61 Relsed [/infecting systems Through ip-adress]

PuTTY 0.61 is out, after over four yrs , with new ftures, bug fixes, and compatibility updates for 7 and various SSH server software.
PuTTY is a free implementation of Telnet and SSH for and Unix platforms, along with an xterm terminal emulator
These ftures are new in beta 0.61:Kerberos/GSSAPI authentiion in SSH-2.Local X11 authorisation support on . (Unix alrdy had it, of course.)Support for non-fixed-width fonts on .GTK 2 support on Unix.Specifying the logical host name independently of the physical network address to connect to.Crypto and flow control optimisations.Support for the SSH-2 compression method.Support for new 7 UI ftures: Aero resizing and jump lists.Support for OpenSSH AES-encrypted private files in PuTTY.Bug fix: handles OpenSSH private with primes in either order.Bug fix: corruption of port forwarding is fixed (we think).Bug fix: various crashes and hangs when exiting on failure,Bug fix: hang in the back end on .Bug fix: clipboard is now rd asynchronously, in case of ddlock due to the clipboard owner being at the far end of the same PuTTY's network connection (either via X forwarding or via tunnelled rdesktop).

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