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Pokemon GBA collection + emulator for PC [Sourav] PC FULL DOWNLOAD

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Pokémon (ポケモン Pokemon?, /ˈpoʊkeɪmɒn/ poh-kay-mon is a media franchise published by Japanese game company Nintendo, owned by The Pokémon Company, and crted by Satoshi Tajiri in 1996, focused on the titular crtures. Originally relsed as a pair of interlinkable Game Boy role-playing games developed by Game Frk, Pokémon has since become the second-most successful and lucrative game-based media franchise in the world, behind only Nintendo's own Mario franchise. Pokémon properties have since been merchandised into anime, manga, trading cards, toys, books, and other media.
The franchise celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2006. Cumulative sales of the games (including home console versions, such as "Hey You, Pikachu!" for the Nintendo 64) have rched more than 200 million copies. In November 2005, 4Kids Entertainment, which had managed the non-game related licensing of Pokémon, announced that it had agreed not to renew the Pokémon representation agreement. Pokémon USA Inc. (now The Pokémon Company International), a subsidiary of Japan's Pokémon Co., now oversees all Pokémon licensing outside of Asia.

This is a complete collection of all Pokemon games in the GBA(Game Boy Advance) andGBC(Game Boy Color) emulators for PC.
This package includes a zipped file "VisualBoyAdvance-1.8.0-beta3". This is the emulator for GBA which supports all of these games. Just extract it to your destination folder. There is option for save and load as well.
YOU DON'T NEED TO EXTRACT THE GAME FILES. Just click on FILE and OPEN the zip game file only .
The included games are

1. Pokemon Ruby2. Pokemon Sapphire3. Pokemon Fire red4. Pokemon Lf green5. Pokemon Emerald6. Pokemon Red7. Pokemon Blue8. Pokemon Yellow9. Pokemon Gold10. Pokemon Silver11. Pokemon Crystal12. Pokemon Trading Card Game13. Pokemon Puzzle Challenge14. Pokemon Pinball - Ruby and Sapphire15. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Red Rescue Tm
All the games are fantastic and are based on the various journeys and adventures of our hero ASH in Pokemon series(exept for the games 12, 13, 14, 15). Game 15 is where you yourself turn out to be a Pokemon !!! Check it out...
If there is any problem in any part of playing these games, you may ask me...i hav completed all of them (1-11 and 15).ù_________________________________
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