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Planetary Annihilation [Gamma Update] [Not ] Pc Full download

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DownloadPlanetary Annihilation [ Gamma Update ]
[ Not ]Pc

Click On To ZoomPlanetary Annihilation is a PC strategy game in rl time that proposes to expand the playing field to entire planets. You can even go and colonize the moons to install outposts can bring raw materials or deflect asteroids to use it as a dangerous ddly projectiles .
Planetary Annihilation is a rl-time strategy computer game in development by Uber Entertainment. It is being developed by much of the tm responsible for Total Annihilation and Supreme Commander. The game is available on Stm listed as Stm rly Access.
Developer(s) Uber EntertainmentRelse date(s) Alpha: June 14, 2013Beta: September 26, 2013Gamma: February 27, 2014Final: 2014re(s) Rl-time strategyDistribution Optical disc, download_______________________________
Jon Mavor wrote the graphics engine for Total Annihilation. He was also the ld programmer on Supreme Commander. The game's art style is done by Steve Thompson, who previously worked on the art for Total Annihilation and Supreme Commander. Voice actor John Patrick Lowrie, who did all the narrations for Total Annihilation, is doing the narrations for Planetary Annihilation as well.
According to Mavor, while game visualization began in May 2012, just three months prior to the game's public announcement, the game concept itself had been in development for approximately three yrs by that time. Additionally, the server and game engine technologies that would underpin the game had been in development for several yrs prior to the game's public revelation, with some of the server technology having alrdy made its way into UberNet, Uber Entertainment's back-end server network._______________________________
Planetary Annihilation System Requirements
CPU :Core 2 Duo E4600 2.4GHzAMD CPU :Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 5200+Nvidia GPU :GeForce 8600 GTAMD GPU :Radeon HD 3650RAM : 4 GBOS : Win Vista 64Direct X : DX 9HDD Space : 2 GB
Recommended Requirements
CPU : Core i3-550 3.2GHzAMD CPU : Athlon II X4 620Nvidia GPU : GeForce GT 440AMD GPU : Radeon HD 5550 1024MBRAM : 8 GB_______________________________
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