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Persona 4 Arena Ultimax PS3 - iMARS

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Persona 4 Arena on PS3 Ultimax is a fighting game developed by Atlus and gathering the cast of the famous RPG Persona 4.

Game: Persona 4 : Arena Ultimax
Detected platform : PlayStation 3
Aliases : P4U2 , P4A2 , Persona 4 Arena: Climax , Persona 4 Arena 2 , Persona 4: The Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold

The story is a continuation of the events depicted in Persona 4 Arena and begins a few days after the previous game. The Midnight Channel is back on the air and once again broadcasts a strange advertisement for another fighting tournament christened P-1 Climax, that shows members of the Investigation Tm and the Shadow Operatives in combat. Just moments after this, Inaba is subject to a power outage and is engulfed by a bizarre red fog. Furthermore, figures that look suspiciously like Mitsuru Kirijo, Aigis and Akihiko Sanada being crucified are shown on . While the Investigation Tm attempts to figure out what's going on, Junpei Iori becomes trapped in the red fog, while Labrys and Yukari Takeba ride on a helicopter to see the fog engulf Inaba.__________________________

Persona 4 - Arena Ultimax Gameplay PS3



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