Thursday, May 26, 2016

Intresting facts about Google+ | google+ quick review

Googlehas recently launched Google+ - the next effort in social networking and possibly the srch giant's challenge to Facebook. In core,Google's new social network, Google+, basically does what all social networking sites do including connections and sharing. Google+, which is premiered on Tuesday, is available for a limited of users. Here are eight interesting facts about Google+.

"Circles" groups your friends togetherWith Circle function, Google+ helps to group friends by topic like Friends, Family, College Buddies, Roommates, etc. To form the circle, you just click to your drag and drop your contacts into ch of these groups which make sier to share.
"Circles" groups your friends togetherHangoutsHangouts is basically chat that helps you to share with people in your circles or virtual rooms.Googlehas crted different sections for viewing, managing and editing multimedia. Instd of asking your friends to join the group chat, just click “start a hangout” and you are instantly in a chatroom alone.
Google+ Android app hands-on demo
Instant Upload
If you snap a photo on you mobile phone (it must be anAndroid phone), the pictures are instantly uploaded to Google+Google+ for Android
Google+ on Android
Sparks does likeGoogle Rderwhich helps to automatically bring the content based on the interests. ch topic offered by Google + will have its own "Spark" page
HuddlesHuddles is group messaging for people within your Circles. There's a mobile app available for Android now that lets you send messages from your phone. Select your group and everyone can chat with ch other.
How do you get to Google+?
The handy toolbar at the top of your screen has an access to log into Google. When the toolbar turns into gray, just click on a "+You" button
Google+ for Android
do comment here for more discussions about google+ .we it be able to deft facebook??again a question arises which u can see in the below funny pic

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