Thursday, May 26, 2016

How To Make Money Online From Facebook | FanSlave

"Make Money Online With Facebook" may sounds you unsy as Facebook is a social networking site and one can't rn money from it. But If you are a Facebook frk and addict then here is the best opportunity for you all. Now you can make money online with facebook sily along enjoying your fb life.
Recently, I encountered onenice money making websiteknownFanSlave. Here Facebook user can sily make out some money from their own Facebook Account. Users need to juts like the Fan Page and they will fill you will rl money for that, Isn't it nice?
Just follow the below steps to start making money from Facebook:

1. Register atFanSlavnd connect your rl FB and Twitter Account with it
2. Y will see Account Overview page, Start to like the fanpages and follow on Twitter
3. You will credits accordingly (cash is the half of your credits)
4. When you will 15.00 EUR, you can apply for payment via paypal or alertpay

Note : It will take much time to rn money by just liking the fan pages, You need to refer friends with your own special referral link given and you can see the flow of money in your account. But you need to refer rl and long lasting friends, and don't try to them.
rn More Money WithFanSlave:

1. You have to incrse your FanRank (10 Fanrank = 6 Eur/day) and according
2. Your initial fanrank will be 1 only, so try to be regular with Fanslave
3. Register more and more rl friends which will incrse your fanrank too
4. Also connect your Twitter account and start to follow for money

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