Thursday, May 26, 2016

How To Grab IP adress Of your freind Remotely | Commview

Step 1Install CommView, You can download it here
Step 2

Open CommView and press the "Start capture"-button.
Also make sure you have the right adapter selected in the list.
Where can I find that button.?
You'll now see alot of IP's, these are all IP's you have connect to you.

Step 3

I will as an example stl the IP from a guy over skype.
Lets call him by pressing "call"

Step 4

The guy don't need to answer, but we gotta do this step fast, because usually they'll deny or w/e. Just do this step as fast as you can.
While you're calling him switch to CommView.
Now you will have press "Bytes"

To see which one those IP's is taken the most bytes, which should be the one you're calling.
Now we got the IP at the top.

Step 5

To copy the IP to your clipboard right on it press Copy -> and then Remote IP Address.

After a few attempts, you will be able to do this very fast.
You can also use this when you are on gtalk ,yahoomessenger , Msn , facebook etc

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