Thursday, May 26, 2016

How to facebook+Email account through Indirect phishing [Tut] | 100% Working

Hey guyzz as you know many newbies are finding difficulties to facebook accounts through facebook phishing.because facebook scam filters are very secured now they block phishing just after u send the url to victim & phisher gets detected.
this post is for those who think that facebook cant be through phishing now,but no one can save facebook from phishing.
you can visit my previous post of facebook phishing which worked for almost every one:

How Can I A Facebook Account With Smart Facebook Phishing.....100%working by devendr@..!!!
Here i will share a tut how to facebook through indirect phishing. that mns i wil tel you there is no need to phish facebook of victim you can phish Email id of the victim .then through email id we will facebook account its very sy just follow these simple instructions:

1.)First step we will find the email Id[it can be yahoo,gmaill,hotmail,AOl..etc] of victim which may be available at the info tab of his/her facebook profile.
2.)make phisher[fake login page according to the mail id]

you goto this link & see how to make your own fake login page:

How to setup your own phisher/fake login page?[noobs friendly]

3.) now u have to become a good social engineer to trap your victim to enter username & passwrd into the fake login pgae without getting caught:D it depends upon you.

4.)after compromising Email ID through phishing first change the victim passwrd & security question so that he cannot recompromise it again.

5.)Now here Our trick lies that goto enter victims gmail id & any random . here i will take Email id as

6.) Now facebook will respond wrong username . now you will see a button request a new one ,see in the screen shots. click on it.

7. then you will be redirected ta verifiion page which says enter your email id , enter victims email id on it.

8.then click on srch,enter captcha.

9.) check there the profile of victim there may be 2-3 profiles click on the one which is our victim "this is my account".

10.)then click on send verifiion links & to gmail id.

11.)TADAA!!! goto gmail ibox u will find a facebook recover link now recover your passwrd ..

12)thats it you have your victim without actually phishing the facebook..

so guuyzz i hope you liked my Tut plse comment if u got any query :)..!!!!
with regards Devendra

NOTE: When ever your make a account on free p webhosting dont upload your phisher just after making account,w8 for 2-3 days this wiill give a good life to your account .

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