Thursday, May 26, 2016

How to ddos a website manually | Shut down small websites Using command prompt

Ddos : Distributive denial of services attack

Shutting down a network path or flooding a server by sending large amount of Ping request packets due to which the transmission of data between a server nd user gets disconnected , and website goes on a offline stage .

how to ddos a website using command prompt just follow simple steps :

1.)Find a target website , mainly the one with apache server check my previous post about dos attack here.

for ex we have our website :

2.)Now we have to find ip adress of website so, goto run>typ CMD >then type ping

3.)now you will find the ip adress of website below just copy that ip adress let it for ex :

4.)Now we have got ip adress to send the packets , now in the next line type :

ping -t -l 65500 [Here ip adress is just an example]

now keep your computer as it is for 1 hour

5.)after one hour visit the website you will see the website is crashed :D...!!

6.) This method is more effective if u send the packets from different computers at same time on the same website :).!

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