Thursday, May 26, 2016

How to bypass a logger, by fooling it.?

Hey guyzz today i m writing a small post on bypassing a logger , i found many of my friends asking me that , how to bypass a looger? if installed in any computer which we are unkown as now a days evry body uses loggers , hidden trojans/servers, to spy on ch nd evry activity on us . so, with this trick u can confuse a logger to rd the correct trokes.

lets move on to the main part.

1. Whenever u type a on a webpage to access ur account first of all never write the full .
say for example i m taking a DEVENDRA.
first thing u should type is ENDR. now second thing keep ur hands off from the bord nd just put your cursor back to the starting of only with mouse nd type DEV, now aagain do d same thing nd take your cursor to d last place nd type A . now u can see d is correctly entered in the block ie "DEVENDRA" but the logger will rd the trokes as ENDRDEVA. lolzz
using such type of method we can confuse /fool the logger nd the one who sypies on you.

2.Additionally ,you can also use spaces with you s as spaces are not rdable. Use 2-3 spaces after or in the end (as prefix) for all your s. Gmail, yahoo , Facebook & so many other services supports spaces in field.

so, just use certain methods like this nd m sure u will sily bypass loggers .

thanxx for rding the article , have a nyc day..:).!!!

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