Thursday, May 26, 2016

How to bypass antivirus detection | FUD crypter Free download

What Is FUD Crypter?FUD is acronym for fully undetectable.It is a software that can be used to encrypt your exe files.What is the use of FUD Crypter?FUD crypters can be used to encrypt viruses,RAT,loggers,spy etc to make them undetectable from antiviruses.You can also rd my post onspy,viruses and wormsorHow to fool loggers.When these exe files are encrypted with Fud crypters they become undetectable with antivirusesHow Does FUD Crypter Work?The Basic Working Of FUD Crypter is explained belowThe Crypter takes the original binary file of you exe and applies many encryption on it and stores on the end of file(EOF).So a new crypted executable file is crted.
Original ExeCrypted Exe
001————- 010 101————-110
100|Original File|000-> Cryptor ->010|Original File|110
010————- 111 110————-010The new exe is not detected by antiviruses because its is scrambled by the crypter.When executed the new .exe file decrypts the binary file into small the data small pieces at a time and injects them into another alrdy existing process or a new empty one, OR it drops the into multiple chunks in alternative data strms(not scanned by most a/v) then executes it as a .txt or . file.Why Most FUD Crypters Donot Work?As a FUD crypter becomes popular it also get the eyes of antivirus companies.The antivirus companies update their software and employ detection mechanism that detect the encryption’s by the crypter.So, most of the popular FUD crypter are sily detected by antiviruses.Note:-Donot test your crypter on as it distributes the samples and your crypter will not remain FUD if you scan with virustotal.Where can I Download a Free FUD crypter?As I alrdy mentioned that as the crypter becomes popular it doesnot remain FUD.So the only FUD crypter available are those made by indivuals and they can be found by spending a little time on google by srching.It will not make profit to anybody if I share my FUD crypter here as it will not remain FUD for long as some noobs will surely scan it with virustoal.So,its better you srch your own and keep it to yourself.Download Free FUD CrypterNote: .netframework should be installed in your system before running the crypter.

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