Thursday, May 26, 2016

How To antivirus manually

At first, Delete anyold (if there is a in )
B. Now, Disable Self Defense (Go to Settings, In Option, Turn off Self Defense and Click Ok )
C. Now, Goto Start menu, Click Run and Type "regedit". Go to :
H_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Lab\protected\AVP9\environment(For 32bit OS: - xp or vista or 7)
H_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Lab\protected\AVP9\environment(For 64bit OS: - xp or vista or 7)
D. Now, Right look for PCID and right click and modify three or four last s or letters, a example is : (8F10C22F-6EF6-4378-BAB1-34722F6D454)and enter any other three-letter, four- and close Registry Editor Now.
E. Go to Taskbar and Right Click the Icon and click Exit.
F. Go to start programs and open . when you activate srching trial and you have a new for month.
G. Go to settings and Enable (turn on) Self Defense.
After 30 days, when your expire, go to step 1 to 7 and get a new 30 days from server automatically.
this is a tricks what is done a few minutes and give you a new trial . so it is better to find a .

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