Thursday, May 26, 2016

Gmail phishing: gmail accounts gmail phisher..[tut]

Hey!! guyz as u know in my previous phishing post i posted how to facebook account thru smart facebook phishing sily today i m sharing gmail phishing with you .
Their are manyGmail Phisheravailable on net but I must say they all are outdated and most of them are detected, So I though to crte a newGmail Phisherwhich is very new and also crted by me.

Now just follow these simple steps given below:

1.Download Gmail Phisher(New And UpdatedGmail Phishing Page)
2. This is compressed in .rar so first extract the folder to desktop
3. Upload all three files tomy3gb.comand thus you will see something like this

4.Now shorten ( ingoo.glevery time for new victim .
5. Now, you have to send this link to victim and make him login to our fake phishing page.
6. Once you came to know that victim logined to ourGmail Phishing Pagethen check log.txt
7. In log.txt you will his username and .
The above method is just for eduional purpose so,if got any harm .we r nt responsible. :D njoy

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