Thursday, May 26, 2016

FIFA 15 Download Update 2 WAIT FOR

FIFA 15 Download Update 2WAIT FOR Description
FIFA 15 Update 2 - NOT info : This update addresses the following :

- Adjustments and improvements to shooting and goalkeepers.
- (PS4) Fix for fans experiencing stuttering during online and offline gameplay.
- Added ability to call out the keeper in Pro Clubs.
- Fix for instances where Player Instructions in Ssons mode were not carrying over into gameplay via Tm Management.
- Further improvements to Player Srch in Career Mode.
- Adjusted Ledary difficulty in gameplay.
- Improvements to Goal Line Technology.
- Fix for match length issues in FIFA Ultimate Tm Single Player Ssons matches.
- Updated rl-world injuries and suspensions in Match Day Live.
- Improvements to ‘Looking Ahd’ audio in Career.
- Fixes to Player selection in Tm Management in multiplayer matches.
- Tuned player specific audio speech in all modes.
- (XB1) Improvements to motion blur effects.
- (XB1) Fix to the display of FIFA Ultimate Tm Led players in the Football Club widget.

Our commitment to improve the FIFA 15 experience is ongoing, and regular feedback from our fans helps us prioritize and identify future improvements. Thanks again for your continuous feedback on Twitter, Facebook, and the Forums. We appreciate this feedback and encourage you to record and share with us of any aspects you’d like to give your opinion on.

Note :
- We are still in the , will be found soon, Followed us on Youtube and FaceBook :
FIFA 15 Update 2-WAIT FOR
- dlc
- fifasetup
- Support
- Installer_ fifa15.exe : 107.81 MB- data_.big : 51.73 MB_ data_startup.big : 26.42 MB
_CardsDLLzf.dll : 1.94 MB_ BCEnginezf.dll : 1.06 MB_ dbdata.dll : 655.73 KB_ : 3.63 KB_ : 1.89 KB_ link.url : 126 bytes
( Size : 191.88 MB ) ____________________________Download Full Update __________________________________
egory >> 웃 Top Games Sport 웃__________________________________ Download >> FIFA 15-Ultimate Tm Edition-SC__________________________________

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