Thursday, May 26, 2016

Facebook Unfriend Finder:Now track all your friending activities on facebook with this awesome app[find the one who unfriends u]..!!

(successfully working with secured HTTPS)This app works perfectly in chrome ,safari,mozilla tested by me.
We have lot of buddies in ourfacebookfriends’ list, some we know very well, some who are acquaintance but there are occasions when someone removesus from their friends’ list. Facebook don’t have any provision of displayingany notifiionor any other mn, to let us know when someoneremovesus orunfriendsus from their friend list.In case you are wondering what Unfriends mn, these are the people who either have removed us from their friend list or have dctivated their account on Facebook. While Facebook never show you who all unfriended you, this is still possible with the use some third party apps like this one calledUnfriend Finder. Unfriend Finder is ascriptthat works rl time to let you know who all have removed you from their friend list. This script compares your buddies with the database maintained and refreshed over the time, so as to find any discrepancy and report it to you. Unfriend Finder will tellyou which friends have removed you, who have dctivated their accounts, people you have requestedfriendship with and who has declined your friend request.Tplet you knowthe event, by showing a red symbolin the menubar along with the standard Facebooknotifiion. To be able to use this, you need to installthe “Grsemon” (only in case of Firefox users, other browser users bypass this step) andinstallthe script.Install Grsemon
Install Unfriend Finder

NOTE:Note:you have to install the extension success fully then restart your browser & you r done.

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