Thursday, May 26, 2016

Facebook phisher updated | facebook accounts through phishing

hey guyzz previously i discussed about smart facebook phishing& how to crte your own phisherToday i have updated the phisher as the previous fake page was now outdated so, here i uploaded new phisher.

How To Facebook Account For Free Using New Facebook Phishing

1.Download Facebook Phsiher Updated( This is the latest version crted by me )
2. Extract that three files on desktop and then crte account on (

3. Upload all three files to and so you will see something like this :

4. Now shorten ( ingoo.glevery time for new victim .

5. Now, you have to send this link ( to victim and make him login.

6. Once you know that victim logined via our Facebook Phishing Page check log.txt

7. In log.txt you will his/her username and and thus he/she is .

If you found any difficulty in Crting a MY3gb account , i have posted some free hosting websites here so jnoy phishing

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