Thursday, May 26, 2016

Emails[gmail,hotmail,yahoo,Aol] using google & dump hashes

hey guyzzz previously we disscussed about phishing , well i was surfing the net i foud a very awesome google trick which can be used to emails accounts in just few minutes. the trick is basically based on the dump databases of various websites .
so these dump databases contains the emails and s of the users in the form of md5 hash.

you just have to follow these simple steps and u wil many random accounts :

this method is called as hash technique.

1. goto google

2. now these are the dorks through which we will found the emails and hashes.
Google Dorks
ext:sql intext:e10adc3949ba59abbe56e057f20f883e
ext:sql intext:"INSERT INTO" intext:
ext:sql intext:

3. now take any one of the dork and paste it on the google and press srch.[see the screen shot below go to any link and now press ctrl+f to srch the words like [,,]
u will get a list of emails and ther respective md5.

4. now goto any online md5 decrypter like this h4ckforu& paste the hash into it nd see below if it got decrypted and copy the .

note: as these files r dumped because emails r outdated soo u may not get the working emails because 60% of emails are deleted or there pasword may be change so try and try many emails until u get a perfect login .

5. so through this u can dozens of emails at once if u get a recently dumped database i will suggest you to add some more words in the dork like [2011 hashes.2010 u may get a recent hash]
hope u like this trick
thanxx for rding and pls comment :)

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