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Download Watch Dogs Full Game + Bad Blood DLC Decepticon

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Download Watch Dogs Full Game + Bad Blood DLC Decepticon

Game : Watch Dogs
Detected platform : PC
Aliases : WatchDogs , Watch_Dogs
Relse date : 27 May 2014
Languages : English , Russian
Summary : After losing his niece in an assassination attempt, Aiden Pierce, a street-smart-, uses his phone to take over a new operating system in Chicago to hunt the criminals that killed his niece.

Yr : 2014
re : Action (shooter), 3D, 3rd person, Stlth
Developer : Ubisoft Montréal, Ubisoft Reflections, Ubisoft Romania
Publisher : Ubisoft Entertainment
Publiion Type : Repack
Platform : PC
Language : Russian, English
Language : Russian, English
: enclosing (3DM) | Currency retention (RLD to 3DM)
___________________________________System requirements Watch Dogs

Operating System : Vista SP2 / 7 SP1 / 8 64-bit
Processor : Core 2 Quad Q8400 2.6 GHz / Phenom II X4 940 3.0 GHz
Memory : 6 GB
: 1 GB, Geforce GTX 460 / Radeon HD 5770, DirectX 11,
Sound card : compatible with DirectX 10
Free space on HDD : 25 GB

All related to ch other. We depend on high-tech novelties of the market, because only through them know what's going on in the world. But progress has a dark side. Our every action lves a trace: every step we take, every stop, all that we like or dislike. And it's not just us. Megacities are enmeshed in digital networks. Urban infrastructure is controlled and operated by a complex system. In Watch_DogsChikago submits Central Operating System (ctOS), namely it contains information on all residents. And anyone who gets access to it, will gain control over the city. Aiden Pierce - a prominent with a criminal record, whose actions have caused the tragedy. To avenge his family, he goes on the warpath - and you with it. Aiden is able to and use everything that is connected to the city information network - all that surrounds it. Access to security cameras, loading personal data, tracking the loion of people, management of traffic lights and public transport ...

* CITY - Events Watch_Dogs occur in carefully recrted Chicago, whose life can be controlled by a conventional smartphone. Switch the lights to the pursuers were stuck in a traffic jam. Hold the departing train and jump into it to brk away from the chase. Sprd the bridges to close the door. In a city where everything is connected, Central Operating System will be your assistant.
* STREET JUSTICE - In Chicago, its laws. Here respond to violence with violence, and you have enough strength and skill to adopt rules. Melee and shooting rl as ever - rlistic physics game will give odds to many representatives of the re. Mix and match the shooting and to gain an advantage in any situation. Local streets are designed so that you can implement your own plan of attack. In the top picture you'll have a more than 30 types of wpons.
* Race at high speeds - in the work of the game participated studio Ubisoft Reflection - the crtors of the series Driver. Move to Chicago can be behind the wheel of over 65 different vehicles. ch of them is carefully modeled and behaves on the road most authentic.
* Everything is under control - At the hrt of Watch_Dogs is a brand new, specially developed technology. You will enjoy incredible graphics and authentic rlism, your actions will affect the course of history and human life, and the consequences of decisions will diverge in a virtual world like ripples in the water.
* FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT - In Watch_Dogs you can not only use the city's operating system for their own benefit, but also for yourself the street. Cut the way through the building or climb on the roof to hunt down the target.
* "Smless" MULTIPLAYER - A new level of interaction, cooperation and confrontation is achieved thanks to a new system of organization of the multiplayer that combines single-player and multiplayer game together. No menus, no loading screens - only situational multiplayer shooter in an open world.
* Keep in touch and play ANEW - Trt yourself to an unforgettable experience with a helper appliion that extends the capabilities of the console. The innovative mobile platform will allow you to stay in touch with friends, even outside the home. Watch_Dogs helper appliion gives you access to the possibility of using a dual screen that allows you to play anytime, anywhere.
___________________________________Ftures Digital Deluxe Edition

* Awards: Costume Chicago South Club.
* Bonus: Master drive: incrsed strength of transport. -Set "" Brkthrough "" Zadanie-

* Additional 15 minutes of playing time. * Reward:

- BONUS "EXPERT Cars": cars for free in your asylum appliion and "Machine on call"; discount on certain models. stances, coronene shot Zadanie-

* Additional 20 minutes of playing time. * Awards:

- BIOMETRIC assault rifle. -Dvorets Zadanie-

* Additional 20 minutes of playing time. * Awards:

- Skill Investigation: use the information from the database to the success of the investigations.
- BONUS "ADVANCED ATMs": get more money from ATMs at brking the bank accounts. -Exclusive materials-

* Additional 60 minutes of playing time - 4 exclusive assignments.
* Unique costume "white" from DedSec to perform all tasks.
* Power brking (extra cell battery).
* More information about DedSec - one of the most influential bands in the world «Watch_Dogs».
___________________________________Ftures RePack

It is based on d content! - Do not red

- PC version is replaced with the version from the PS3
- Archives of the game are not affected!
- The registry path saved
- Independent selection of a combination of text and voice
- Game Version: 1.05.324
- Installation time: ~ 20 minutes

- The Palace Pack
- Signature Shot Pack
- Brkthrough Pack
- Exclusive Missions
- Untouchables Pack
- Cyberpunk Pack
- Dedsec Shadow Pack
- Blume At Pack
- Club Justive Pack
- R-33B gun
- MP-412 gun
- Conspiracy
- Sson Pass
- Gold D50 (Uplay reward)
- Papavero Stlth Edition Car (Uplay reward)
- Bad Blood
Did not download unnecessary voiceovers

game-ru.bin - Russian
game-en.bin - English
Author RePack'a: Decepticon___________________________________
Watch Dogs Bad Blood DLC Part 1 - T-Bone - Gameplay Walkthrough PS4
s Game Watch Dogs Bad Blood Pictures Pc
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