Thursday, May 26, 2016

Download VirtualBox 4.3.10 full Free

VirtualBox is a virtual appliion that allows you to install another Operating System or additional and executed concurrently on a parent operating system .
For example , if a person has MS operating system installed on the computer , it can also run other operating systems is desirable in the MS operating system .This function is very important if you want to test and simulate the installation of a system without losing the existing system .Currently , VirtualBox supports the OS , Linux , Macintosh , and Solaris hosts and supports most of the latest operating system . The appliion comes with an intuitive interface that allows users to add new virtual machine and choose which OS they want ( be it Solaris , , Linux , BSD or Mac OS X ) , as well as the right version . The next step includes placing a new virtual machine and the amount of RAM HDD space , as well as the type of dynamic storage or default .Rd more »Down full software here: Here

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