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Download Dth Track : Resurrection (2008) [RUS|1C]

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Download Dth Track : Resurrection 2008
Pc Full Game [ RUS | 1C ]

Description Game
Developer(s) : SkyFallen Entertainment
Publisher(s) : 1C Company
Distributor(s) : 505 Games Aspyr Media Stm[1]
GamersGate : (Online) Direct2Drive (Online)
Series : Dthtrack
Engine : TheEngine
Platform(s) : PC (), PlayStation Network
Relse date(s) : NA March 24, 2009
re(s) Racing
Mode(s) Single-player
Distribution Digital download

Dth Track first name was relsed in 1989 on PC. A new version, called Resurrection, uses the same principle as its predecessor; is a stylish and futuristic race cars launched in a fight very committed to align victories in competitions offered. All shots are allowed, including the wpons you have.

Dth Track : Resurrection (Russian: Dth Track: Возрождение) is a computer racing game developed by SkyFallen Entertainment and published by 1C Company. It is the sequel to the 1989 game Dthtrack. Outside of the CIS, the game was published by 505 Games in the Europn Union and Aspyr Media in North America, which was relsed DRM free.

Gameplay : Dth Track: Resurrection is set in the future after World War III. The game involves racing and trying to finish first across several tracks loed around the world, including Bangkok, Vatican City, London, Moscow, New York, Paris, Prague, San Diego, Istanbul and Tokyo. Players try to rn points by doing various stunts, which can be used for upgrades to cars and wpons. Cars can be equipped with an assortment of wpons, which can be fired at opponents to slow them down and knock them out. In this scenario,the main character is Antonio Salevani whose objective is to deft Thorvald Nesson in New York, to get revenge on him because he killed the previous eight pilots, to destroy his Bosscar, and to revive his career.____________________________________

GamePlay Dth Track : Resurrection

s Game Dth Track : Resurrection Pictures Pc
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