Thursday, May 26, 2016

Combine/Bind two files using command prompt[tut] ..!!! By:d3v3ndra

Hey guyzzz today i m gonna show you how to combine any two files with help of command prompt ,as evry body uses binder to bind files but u dont require any external software as u can do it urself.
with this trick u can hide ur important archieves nd texts under an file ,

now lets move on to tha main part, follow these simple steps:

1. open any drive for ex: i take c drive nd crte a new folder rename it, i take my folder as devendra.

2.Now take any two files which u want to combine i have taken a jpg nd a rar archieve. open command prompt[goto run>type: cmd (press enter)] type the following command in cmd prompt

c:\folder name [press enter]
for ex: c:\devendra
now u will see like this C:\devendra> type dir [see the screenshots]

4. now u r in the directory of folder ,so type following command:

copy /B attitude.jpg + .rar new.jpg {in thi command u can change the folder name according to urs new.jpg is our combined file u can lso change new.jpg to any name.jpg}

5. now u r done see in the folder a new.jpg file

6. now open it with ur viewer as u can see in the screen shot given below; open the same with winrar u can see the screen shot below.

so ,with this tricks u can hide ur p shells,servers,..etc into an file without any software njoy the trick uif u got any prob then do comment,,:D..!!!

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