Thursday, May 26, 2016

Call Spoofing 2011

In this post we will talk about a basic and effective way of call spoofing. But for the beginners let me clr what do youmnby call spoofing.

Call spoofing is a technique to call anyone from any . You can call your friend from his/her Dad’s if we consider it as a example. So before proceeding to the -tutorial whatever you can call it. Today there is no method free of cost that can help you to spoof a call. So, dont waste your time while asking toGoogleSrch about it.
Here is a technique that mostly being used to spoof a call. Just follow the following steps:

1. Open

2. Select your country and wait for the page to load.

3. Enter the you want to display in the first big box (Don’t change the contents of small box if the fake is of same country).

4. Enter the you wish to call in second big box.

5. Choose voice pitch as normal (for same voice) or high or low pitch to change your voice.

6. Click Get me a .

7. Dial the shown on right and enter the shown when asked.

Note:-Plse Remember International call rates apply. and yes the post is just for eduionpurposeonly that how call spoofing can be performed.I appl my users to not to misuse the given information.

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