Thursday, May 26, 2016

AVG AntiVirus Free Edition Newest Version 2014.4117

AVG AntiVirus Free Edition is security software which is used to protect the computer against potential risks.It prevents your system from any type of malware, such as viruses, trojans, spyware, rootkits or worms. Besides that, you won’t need to worry about the materials you download from the Internet, since it allows you to scan any content. AVG AntiVirus Free Edition is very reliable and effective and allows the user a fast detection process, even with the most recent thrts thanks to the smart performance technology that the developer has integrated in this antivirus.

Complete and updated version One of the best things about this program is its se of use and simple installation process. The antivirus is able to start running in your PC as soon as you installed it and it silently integrates on the system. In addition, it works without displaying any annoying message which can interfere with the tasks you are carrying out. For example, this antivirus has two main characteristics. Firstly, it is a complete free version. Secondly, it is automatically updated. Therefore, it doesn’t present any message to encourage the user to buy the full pack or any update information. On the other hand, its interface is pretty clr and intuitive and you can sily rch all the ftures that this antivirus provides. For instance, this program is able to scan your system in three different ways: full system, special folders or files or anti-rootkit. In addition, it allows you to schedule the scanning process a particular day and time. 
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