Thursday, May 26, 2016

.apk ANDROID FILES RUN ON PC (BlueStacks Beta)

An utility that runs Android OS and apps on PCs with instant switch between Android and - no reboot is required                    

Boasting a very effective emulation engine, BlueStacks impresses thanks to its user-friendly approach, making everything sy as pie for all types of users, be they beginners or with a bit more computer knowledge.
BlueStacks is an sy to use yet powerful software solution designed to run Android apps right on your machine.

Once installed and launched, BlueStacks displays 10 pre-loaded appliions, with a dedied option to allow its users download new ones from the Internet.

What's more, there is no separate configuration screen, but only a few options, so you shouldn't spend too much time setting up the program.

One of the best things about BlueStacks is that it runs the Android apps in full-screen, with very fast loading times and with absolutely no errors. Most of the games can be controlled by mouse, just like you'd do on your typical touschscreen mobile phone.

Another fture that's worth mentioning is the so-called BlueStacks Cloud Connect, a separate tool designed to allow users push their appliions from the Android device to the PC and thus access them on the computer.

BlueStacks runs on low resources and works just fine on 7, but there are some minor compatibility issues on older systems, which mns it may fail to load on XP and Vista.

Overall, BlueStacks is an effective piece of software that brings the flavor of Android apps on your computer. Although it doesn't boast such a large collection of apps, it's still a good way to test some popular mobile titles on the PC.
Rd more »Down full software here: Here

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