Thursday, May 26, 2016

Anti-loggers | Best protection against loggers

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These days Cyber crime has crossed its all limits. These days’ s are trying to find out the new ways to tse innocent people. One of those few ways which s had discovered is logging. logging is sometime also called troke Logging.loggeris a hardware device or a software program that records the rl time activity of a computer user including the board they press.
logging mns way in which the sends a logger in your computer and it activates itself as soon as it rches your computer and works secretly. It sends your PC’s every stroke or stroke ( you press) to the .Detecting the presence of a logger on a computer can be difficult.So to defend people against loggers, ethical s have designed its contradictory part called anti-loggers. You need to install it on your computer and then it either finds all the loggers on your computer and delete them or encrypt your strokes.

So Today I'm going to Discuss about Top Five Anti-logging Soft.


Zemana AntiLogger is one of the most famous,reliable and worth giving Anti-logger in the market. Zemana Anti-Logger will definitely remove all the loggers from your computer, this software also not costs you too much.This will also stop the s to monitor your screen.


DataGuard Anti-logger is a anti-logger which detects and disables all types logger in your computer.It works on cutting-edge heuristics methods.DataGurad Anti-logger is a user friendly anti-logger too.


GuardedID Premium is a grt and a handy anti-logger which is very c and reliable. This software provides you the user friendly environment and this software encrypts all the things you type.


CoDefender was developed by an Sydney based company called Encassa.It is robustly trusted by the users.It encrypts all the words you type and hence no one come to know what you typed!

Privacyboard works rlly interestingly it don’t perform any type of scans which will detect loggers on your computer ; it stops all the trokes to intercepted to the . Privacy board is also a reliable Anti-logger.

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