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hey guyzz.. is agood system to make moneyby shrinking links and sharing them to the internet. People click the link, waits the five seconds of ads and then they skip the intermission. That's not bad, if you have a current traffic on your website of 5,000 users per day, and if 2,500 users click one shrinked link,you will win approximately 10$.

What's the problem? Not everyone make 2,500 visits per day. If youwant to win some buckswith, take a look at Bot.

What you need? Anadf.lyaccount, a good proxy list (if you want to make, for example, 100 rl visits on your link, you must have 100 working proxies) and one entire day.
First,let's collect a few hundred of proxies. I recommend youthis site,but there are a lot of good webs for that purpose if you srch in the right place. The type of the proxies (Anonymous, Elite or Transparent) doesn't matter, we just needworking proxiesto load correctly the web. I remind you that if you want 100 visits, you must collect 100 working proxies. Yes, hard work, but rlly good results. Once you collected as many proxies as you wanted,copy them into a .txt file,one proxy per line.Second,crte approximately 10 links. As many links you crte, more difficult will be to make money. Once you crted the links, open the program and right click in the blank list space, thenclick "Add Links".Do this for every link.Third,time to add the proxies. Check the "Enable Proxies" box and click on the button to srch for the .txt file you made. Right, you have it? Let's move to the fourth.Fourth,delay and reset time. The delay timer represents in how many seconds the program will use another proxy to click the links, the minium you can set in the program is 30 seconds. It's for your secure, minus than 30 seconds will maybe cause in a permanent ban form The reset timer represents in how many seconds will the program starts from zero his proxy list and continue clicking the links. 60 seconds is the minium.Sixth,you just need to do a right click on the blank space of the link list and select "Start". Relax, and take it sy!There is no secret on this appliion, it takes a proxy and it visites for 30 seconds the link/s you entered. Then, it reloads the next proxy and does the same, and again and again. Well, the secret is yours:the proxies you use will make the clicks count,and you will win money."The program says I made 150 clicks but hasn't got any click" - First, wait for 2 hours. set a 2hr time for its server stats refreshness."The program says I made 150 clicks but just count a few" - Bad proxies. That's the problem."----------" - ----------Download by entering in the full post!Download Bot [jlim367 -TBN] |Download 7000 Proxies

And the proof:

So i hope you like this post. plse comment your feedback about this post thanxx for rding.

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